Annual Support Contract

All of our hosting packages come with full access to CPanel web administration. However, we know that most of our clients are not comfortable carrying out server administration task, etc.

That's why we have put together a very competative annual support contract. We accept support requests via email or via telephone. We are on hand virtually 24/7.

We have designed the contract to include tasks that in our experience we have found to be the most regular server based actions to be carried out.

  • Fully administer email server, add, remove email accounts, forwarding, fault finding, ect.
  • Fully administer web server if any problems should arise, for example, server down time, any issues at all restricting full public access to your website.
  • Perform updates to the CMS core code of the site, keeping it up to date including security updates and system updates. Code can become outdated quite quickly and then leaves websites vulnerable to attacks.
  • Should your website come under attack of hackers or virii, we will attend to it straight away and get the website sanitised and back online as a matter of urgency.
  • Prepare and keep a current backup of the website. Backups recreated monthly.

Alterations to site content or layout are not included within this contract.

* This contract covers one website only and is NOT transferrable to a different website

** If the website should desist within any one contract period, then the contract will be cancelled, no refunds will be offered.

Bulk website cover is offered at a reduced rate. Please enquire for rates

Also available

Total Cover service agreement to include any or all website updates including but not limited to content updates/changes, adjustments to colour scheme/Website layout, ect, and all of the above contract. This agreement will be priced on a per website basis and the costs will be quoted in writing before any agreement is made. Please enquire about the Total Cover contract for more details.

Cloud Services

Our distributed storage systems give you peace of mind knowing that your website will always be online.

Secured Data

We run regular backups and actively monitor all of our sites to ensure security and reliability.

24/7 Support

Our support contracts cover all issues that you might come across. Email problems, website availability, hack attempts, etc.